Interviews from the LGBTQ Columbia University Oral History Project are Now Available!

The Columbia Center for Oral History Research and INCITE are proud to announce the archival of our LGBTQ Columbia University Oral History Project. Bringing together the oral histories of several LGBTQ+ people and allies affiliated with Columbia University, the project adds to the history of LGBTQ+ people at the university. The archive includes interviews with noted alumni and affiliates John D’Emilio, Tony Kushner, Robbie Kaplan, Ann Kansfield, Laura Pinsky and Dennis Mitchell. Interviews were conducted by Jamie Beckenstein, Mary Marshall Clark, Terrell Frazier and Jean Howard.

The interview transcripts, audio and video are cataloged and archived at the Columbia University Oral History Archives at the Rare Book and Manuscript reading room in Butler Library, Columbia University. Researchers may access the transcripts at their convenience, though they should contact the archives 48 hours in advance to request audio/video access free of charge. Records of the interviews are available here.

The video above, created by Sophie Bearman, highlights some of the conversations captured during the project’s oral histories.