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Past 10 Summer Institutes

2010: Oral History from the Ground Up: Space, Place, Memory. This year’s institute examined the meaning that space, place and memory hold in producing individual, social, cultural and political narratives.

2009, Narrating the Body: Oral History, Narrative and Embodied Practice
This year’s program explored issues, stories and performances tracing the history of the body, as well as oral history as an embodied practice

2008, Oral History, Advocacy and the Law
This year’s program explored the parallel uses of oral history and legal testimony in the classical definition of advocacy as “finding and giving” voice, and looked at human rights commissions, tribunals and oral history documentation.

2007, Telling the World: Oral History, Struggles for Justice and Human Rights Dialogues
This year’s program explored how oral history theory and method contribute to an understanding of the political, historical and personal dimensions of human rights dialogues. Joining us in the creation of this year’s program was the International Center for Transitional Justice.

2006: Women's Narratives, Women's Lives: Intersections of Gender and Memory
This year’s program featured presentations on such topics of gender and memory in illness and activist narratives.

2005: Living to Tell: Narrating Catastrophe through Oral History
This year’s program focused on the challenges of using oral history to document catastrophe in its immediate aftermath and beyond.

2004: Constructions of Race and Ethnicity from Past to Present: Negotiating Collective Memories through Oral History
This year’s program focused on the role of oral history in creating and critiquing representations of race and ethnicity in collective memory, popular culture and individual life narratives.

2003, Telling Lives: Memory, Orality and Testimony in Oral History
This year’s program explored the use of testimonies in discourses on marginalized communities, and how such testimonies subvert and correct public myth and memory.

2002, Oral History in Contemporary Contexts: Documenting Narratives of War, Conflict and Displacement in the Era of Globalization
This year’s program focused on the challenges of using oral history to document war, conflict and displacement in situations of both immediate and remembered trauma.

2001, Documenting Memories of Struggle and Resistance: Social Change and Social Memories
This year's program focused on the complexities of documenting memories of social and political change through individuals’ remembrances.