The Reminiscences of Sara Ann Fagin

The Transcript

And we used to have one to two-year treatment because the correlation at that time was the longer the time in treatment, the greater the success rate. Well, now no one can afford to keep people in treatment that long. So I don’t know what the success rate is today, but basically, around the whole country from top-level places like Betty Ford to Phoenix House, it’s about 25% no matter what people tell you, after five years.
— Sara Ann Fagin

Biography: Sara Ann Fagin has had a long-term engagement with Phoenix House, initially from 1978-1994 and on an intermittent basis in recent years as a consultant. She started working as Mitch’s executive assistant and later transitioned, at his encouragement, to the development office. Subsequently, she was employed at Hazelden, another addiction treatment institution.

Keywords: Vassar; Phoenix House, Mitchell Rosenthal; fundraising; development; Hazelden; Minnesota; Howard Meitiner; therapeutic community