Atlantic Philanthropies Oral History Project

This project is funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies


Caitlin Bertin-Mahieux
Senior Project Manager

The Columbia Center for Oral History Research at INCITE is conducting the second phase of the Atlantic Philanthropies Oral History Project with the goal of creating 340 new hours of oral history interviews with 85 individuals, among them AP staff, grantees, and leaders in philanthropy. The focus of these interviews will be an analysis of the effectiveness of AP's grantmaking in its program fields (Ageing, Children & Youth, Population Health, Reconciliation and Human Rights, Founding Chairman) in its countries of focus (United States, Bermuda, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Viet Nam, Australia), as well as the impact and influence of Chuck Feeney and AP's model of limited-life philanthropy or "giving while living" on the field of philanthropy. With AP poised to end grantmaking by 2018 and cease operations by 2020, this oral history project will serve as the definitive history and critical study of the Atlantic Philanthropies.